Hello Parents!

We are going to keep talking this week about the life of Joseph.  As we go continue to go through this series we will develop an understanding of good character and learn what God wants from us in how we treat others through Micah 6:8! We are so close to coming together and meeting in person and CANNOT wait to see your amazing kid(s).  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as we begin the process of meeting in person at church.  We hope this weekly devotional time is helping you to create meaningful moments with your children.




We have a Harvest Kids playlist on our youtube channel.  Go here and choose a few songs to do with your kid(s).

Bible Story

Read Bible story cards 

Read Bible story cards: Joseph refuses to do wrong (Gen 39:6-21)
      Bible story cards: Joseph explains dreams in prison (Gen 39:21-41)
Both Preschool and elementary watch bible story

Make it Matter


Materials: Wax Craft Sticks (can also use play-dough), Shape Cards

EXPLAIN that we’re going to create different shapes that will help us remember that God will help us to BE KIND to others.
GIVE your child 3 Wax Craft Sticks.
SHOW each Shape Card and allow kids to CREATE the shape shown on the card.
READ aloud each statement/question on the BACK of the Shape Card, and allow kids to RESPOND. 
AFTER all Shape Cards have been discussed, SAY:

We can BE KIND at home, at church, and everywhere we go! Even when it is hard, God will help us to BE KIND!

Let me hear you say this after me:  Be Kind (pat chest)

ELEMENTARY: Cave Drawing
Materials: Wax Craft Sticks (or play-dough), Paper Plates, Cave Drawing Cards

TELL your kid(s) we’re traveling back to the times of cavemen! Because cavemen communicated with cave drawings, we’re going to create some of our own!    
GIVE your child four wax craft sticks and a paper plate. Kids will use the wax craft sticks to create the shapes on the front of the cave drawing cards on their paper plate.  
READ the back of each cave drawing card after each shape. 

 If you want to dig deeper into today’s concepts have further discussion by asking the following questions: 


  • What are some good things that happen when you choose to show kindness to others? 

  • Why is it difficult to be kind in situations when you feel frustrated or angry? 

  • ASK kids to SHARE a specific way they’re going to practice being kind with someone with their life this week. 

  •  How do you feel when you choose to show kindness to others, even when it’s difficult to show it? 

Memory Verse

This month's Memory Verse: 
 Micah 6:8

During this series, we’re going to memorize a verse from the Bible. When we think of this verse, it will remind us of the things God wants from us in the way we treat others. Doing these things helps us build good character!  

“Love ​ (hug self)
Being kind ​ (pat heart)
To others.” ​ (point to others)
Micah 6:8 ​ (hands open like a book) 

Have kids REPEAT the Memory Verse after you, with motions, in any of the following ways:

  • In a high-pitched voice  

  • In a low, deep voice

  • In a whisper voice

  • In a LOUD voice

  • Say it sticking your tongue out

  • With your eyes closed 


“The Lord has told you...what is good; He has told you what He wants from you: To do what is right to other people, love being kind to others, and live humbly, obeying your God.” Micah 6:8

READ the verse and have them repeat the words after you several times.   


ASK your kid(s) for any prayer requests.

Then pray together! :)

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