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We have so much to be thankful for, and that makes me happy! No matter what we are feeling, we can know that God is greater than our feelings!  

This week our Big Idea is: I feel happy when I'm thankful
The bible story is:  Jehoshaphat-2 Chronicles 19-20

This week our Big Idea is:  God is greater than my feelings
The bible story is: Jehoshaphat-2 Chronicles 19-20

We have a Harvest Kids playlist on our youtube channel.  Go here and choose a few songs to do with your kid(s).


God wants you to know that, no matter how yucky you may feel, if you start saying, “Thank you,” for things around you, you will feel happy! You can say, “Thank you,” for the home you live in, the family you have, for church, your toys, all of your friends, and so much more!  • Let me hear you repeat this after me: I Feel Happy (point to smile)  When I’m Thankful (two thumbs up) 


God has given us lots of feelings! We feel things like happiness, excitement, and surprise. But, we also feel things like worry, sadness, and anger. We need to deal with every emotion we feel, but no matter what we’re feeling, we can know that God is always greater than our feelings! That’s exactly what we’re learning today. Say this with me:  God is greater than my feelings

Watch this video of Ms. Faith

ASK: What is one thing that you are thankful for?  
- When your feelings are out of control, should you keep crying or start saying, “Thank you,” for what you have? (Start saying “thank you” for what you have) - Does God say in His Blueprint that we will be mad or happy when we are thankful? (Happy) Yes! God knows that when we start saying, “Thank you,” for all that we have, we will feel happy

SAY: Sometimes our feelings can feel so big that we don’t know what to do. But when we stop, look, and listen, we will see that God is greater than our feelings, and that He knows everything!


Materials: Fill'er up truck sheet, cereal, truck cards

SAY: Today we are going to fill up our trucks with rocks as we discover all the things we can be thankful for! 
SHOW:the Fill’er Up Coloring Sheet and cereal 
SAY: I’m going to put a pile of rocks onto your paper, but you can’t eat these rocks yet. We need to get them into the truck!  
PLACE: a small handful of “rocks" (cereal) onto each child’s Fill’er Up Coloring Sheet.  
READ each Truck Card, and ALLOW kids to respond. Then, ALLOW kids to place a “rock” on their Fill’er Up Coloring Sheets icon that matches the Truck Card shown. CONTINUE until all Truck Cards have been shown and read, and kids have filled their trucks up with rocks.
SAY:  Great job, builder buddies! Let me hear you say this after me: I Feel Happy (point to smile) When I’m Thankful (two thumbs up) • Now you can eat all of your rocks! 


Materials:  Color paper, scissors, glue/stapler/or tape

GATHER some paper and cut it into strips.
HAVE each family member say a few things they are thankful for, and write each one a paper strip.
LOOP the paper strips around each other to create a paper chain. You can use tape, glue, a stapler, or paper clips to connect the paper loops around each other.
ADD to the chain as you continue to find things to be thankful for and see how long it can get!  
POST a picture on our Harvest Kids Padlet

Our Thankful Chain can help us remember that no matter how we are feeling, we can be thankful because we know that God is with us, and He is greater than our feelings! 

This week's Memory Verse: 
1 John 3:20

Practice saying the  memory verse together a few times.

God is greater (point up)
Than our feelings (pat heart)
And He knows (point up)
Everything. (arms out wide)
1 John 3:20 (make book with hands)

But even if we (thumbs to chest)  
Don’t feel at ease, (cross arms)
God is greater (point up)
Than our feelings (pat heart)
And He knows everything. (arms out wide)
1 John 3:20 (make book with hands)

Watch this video of King Jehoshaphat

ASK: In our story, King Jehoshaphat was feeling a lot of different things. Can you name some of the feelings he was dealing with? (Sad, scared, excited, thankful)

•When King Jehoshaphat was feeling sad and scared, how did he deal with those feelings? (Prayed and asked God for help) That’s right! King Jehoshaphat STOPPED to name what he was feeling, LOOKED around and realized that he needed God to help him, and God came through! When God came through, King Jehoshaphat remembered to thank God for all of the good things He did!

SAY: Just like Jehoshaphat had so much to be thankful for, we do, too! When we find ourselves dealing with tough feelings, we should STOP and ask God for help, and when we’re dealing with positive feelings, we can STOP and thank God for all He’s done!

ASK your kid(s) for any prayer requests.

Then PRAY the following for your kid(s):

  • That they would feel thankful for God and all He has done for them

  • That God would help them deal with how they feel

  • That when they’re dealing with any feeling, they would remember that God is greater 

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