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Easter Set-up/Tear Down Team 2024

Thank You!

You are such a blessing to our church and staff and we could not do this without you! We are praying and believing God will do mighty things this Easter and it is a privilege to build His Kingdom with you!

As a reminder... there are three services this Easter 

8:15 | 9:30 | 11:00 AM

Set up/Tear down Times

Set up Team Arrival Time

We are asking our set-up team to arrive at 6:30 AM. We aim to complete set-up 20-30 minutes before the first service to give ourselves ample time in case problems arise.

Tear Down Team

We expect the final service to end around 12:15 PM. Immediately following the service is our Kid's Easter Egg Hunt. We want to give enough time for families to watch the egg hunt and enjoy the food/fellowship. As a result, tear down is a "play it by ear" scenario, but expect to start at some point after 12:45 PM.

What we're doing...

We're going to be moving around a lot of tables, chairs, cones, and pop-up tents! :) 

If you have served on the Easter setup team before, you know that we essentially set up three different sections: A welcome/entrance space, an entertainment space (cotton candy, face paint, balloon artist), and a dining space. 

Don't worry! The reference map below shows the basic layout so you know what to expect. Also, when you arrive at 6:30 AM, everything will be ready in the Community Room ready to go!

You can click on the image to zoom in or download!

Reference Map

EASTER SET UP 2024.png

Tear Down

When Easter is wrapping up, here is where we will place the items: 

Round Tables / Return to Family Room

6 & 8 foot tables / Return to back hallway

Pop-up tents / Return to Family Room

Safety Cones / Return to Family Room

Black Chairs / Return to Community Room

Thank You Again!

Hopefully, this gives you enough info to understand the vision/goals for our team. We're so excited to celebrate with you!

For any more questions

Feel free to contact Pastor Josh at

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